The EA Archive


Increase the likelihood that a rational ethics movement—that is, a movement with similar goals and methods to EA but not necessarily the same brand, history, or name—persists through or reemerges after a sub-existential catastrophe.


It seems likely that many important resources currently hosted online would not survive a large-scale war or similar disaster. This is in large part because such resources may reside physically a relatively few number of physical datacenters, most of which correlate across relevant dimensions such as geopolitical status and hemisphere.


Store articles, forum/blog posts, podcasts, and other resources in many physical locations around the world.

This project depends on people like you downloading and storing the Archive onto a physical computer or flash drive, especially if you live in any of the following areas:

  1. Southeast Asia + Pacific (esp. New Zealand)
  2. South and Central Africa (incl. Nigeria, South Africa)
  3. Northern Europe (esp. Iceland)
  4. Latin America, Mexico City and south (esp. Ecuador, Colombia, and Argentina)
  5. Any very rural area, anywhere

If you live in one of these areas, we would love to buy you a flash drive (such as this one) to make this less annoying, so please get in touch (see bottom of page for contact info).

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